About Me

So....about 15 years ago I didn't know what a drop spindle was. Then my wife Angela got into feltmaking...and then things mushroomed out of control and she bought half of  Adelaide Walker, and then things got even more out of control and I bought the other half. And we sell drop spindles, and I started making them myself a few years ago. And here we are.

All the spindles on this site are made in my well appointed and heated workshop (for which read draughty and occasionally damp garage) in Ilkley, Yorkshire. I would get too bored for words making batches of identical spindles, so they're all different shapes and sizes. Angela is an incurable drop spindle hoarder, and a few spindles don't make it as far as this website. Some of you reading this probably are as well...or you live with someone who is.

If you buy one of my spindles, I hope you enjoy it. If you do (and even more if you don't) let me know.

Enjoy your spinning.